Webinar: How to Save BIG Money by Blending Traditional and Immersive Learning

How to Save BIG Money by Blending Traditional _ Immersive Learning

Showcasing a project for one of the world’s biggest and oldest risk management companies, Sergey Snegirev, the CEO of BranchTrack, shared how his team transformed a costly and lengthy classroom and on-location training program to an online course by blending traditional, video-based, and immersive learning.

The training Sergey’s team created needed to cover a large amount of regulatory information, while also addressing a skill that was best honed through practice (learning by doing). Virtual reality training is perfect for this kind of training. In addition, there was a great deal of emotional responsibility tied to the job.

The project lasted about 4 months, including 4 site visits in the UK, Norway, and Poland.

Using this training, the organization will save about $5,000 in travel costs per person for an estimated 200 people/year taking this training. The training also decreased the amount of time it will take a new hire to be able to start actively performing their job functions.

One unforeseen benefit is that the organization was able to continue training new employees despite COVID-19 challenges.

Tips for Creating Immersive Learning Videos

When filming 360 videos, be mindful of what’s in the shot. Using a monopod will give you the best results because it has a smaller footprint than a regular tripod and won’t get into your shots.

Keep in mind your lighting and camera position. You want your camera to be around eye level so that the end result feels the most realistic to your learners.

Some cameras Sergey recommends for filming 360 videos:

  • GoPro Fusion
  • GoPro MAX
  • InstaX One

You can use a smartphone in a pinch, but if you’re on a budget, Sergey recommends renting a 360 camera for the best video quality.

In the webinar, Sergey talked about a few of the benefits of choosing CenarioVR for this project:

  • Works in the browser, no need to install anything
  • Quick learning curve, especially for those already familiar with Lectora
  • Easy to add custom graphics for that extra touch

To sum it all up, Sergey stated that:

CenarioVR is a hassle-free way to add immersion and emotion into your course.

Learn more about creating immersive learning and using CenarioVR in the webinar recording:

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