Webinar: How to Get Better Learner Insights With Our Rockstar LMS

How to Get Better Learner Insights With Our Rockstar LMS

Wondering if your learners are actually learning? Or what skills they need more training and support to master?

In this webinar, we showed attendees how to use the KnowledgePilot tool in our LMS, KnowledgeLink®, to assess learners on core competencies and then direct them to the training they need most. KnowledgePilot helps you create personalized learning paths for each learner.


Why Personalization Matters in eLearning

Learners want a guided path through the content, they don’t want to just be dumped into a platform and have to find their own way.

The fewer hurdles and stumbling blocks learners encounter when entering your learning platform, the more likely they are to engage with your content and succeed.

Using KnowledgePilot

Step 1: Capture Results

Assess and find out what your learners’ strengths and weaknesses are.

Step 2: Recommend Courses

Allow learners to test out of certain areas or recommend extra training for weaker areas.

Step 3: Compare with Peers and Industry

Use the backend reporting to get deeper insights about your learners’ knowledge and skills.

In the webinar, Peter Getchell, Senior LMS Consultant walked attendees through a demo of KnowledgePilot and other aspects of KnowledgeLink LMS.

You can create custom assessments in KnowledgePilot and tie them to specific courses and skills goals. You also have different options for data gathering like demographic information, job role, and other types of information that will help you segment users and analyze training results.

As you watch the recording, you’ll see the many areas of potential customization in the platform. Your organization can add custom branding, colors, and content.

KnowledgeLink and KnowledgePilot Webinar Recording

Peter also gave a bit of a sneak peek of our learning experience module that's currently in development. Watch the video above to see it!

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