Webinar: Boost Learner Engagement and Adoption in Knowledgelink

Boost Learner Engagement and Adoption in Knowledgelink

We recently hosted a webinar with our learning management system gurus: Jon Tota, LMS/LXP Senior Consultant, and Peter Getchell, Senior Sales Consultant. The webinar focused on strategies for user adoption and leveraging several standard functionalities to drive more logins, views, and general user engagement. After all, what’s the point of creating rockstar training if no one looks at it?

LMS Adoption Strategies

Knowledgelink has many built-in features focusing on learner engagement and user adoption. In this LMS webinar, Jon and Peter covered ways to:

  • Deliver a user-centric dashboard
  • Leverage enrollments to increase completions
  • Coach and engage with instructor commentary
  • Socialize boards of content with users in their community
  • Expand the discussion to include your users
  • Solicit feedback so learners are involved
  • Assess and develop each individual’s strengths and weaknesses

User-centric Dashboard

In Knowledgelink, you can brand the user dashboard with your company logo, colors, custom headers, and select featured items that you want to showcase to your users.

Users can click around to explore featured items, new content (automatically populated by the system), and most viewed. In settings, admins can turn on or off the options to display new and most viewed.


Jon Tota shared that Knowledgelink communities have an almost 80% increase in completion rates and view rates when users are enrolled in courses. When users are enrolled in content, it’s featured on their dashboard and they receive email notifications about that content. By enrolling users in content, you enable Knowledgelink to do a lot of the work for you in getting users to come back and engage and complete content. Even better, if you turn on “auto-enrollment” in settings, users will automatically be enrolled in any course that you also select auto-enrollment for when they first register and log into Knowledgelink.

Related to enrollments, Jon and Peter also shared the admin-side reporting that Knowledgelink does for you. Completion reports show you user progress and where learners are struggling with content.

Instructor Commentary

Knowledgelink has very strong video training features and capabilities. One of these features is the ability to add time-coded comments into a video so that they will display at relevant times and reinforce content. This enables you to coach and engage your learners asynchronously. It’s a way to virtually simulate the experience of being in a classroom with a trainer walking learners through content.

Watch the webinar recording now to see more user adoption features inside Knowledgelink LMS.


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