VRoom! Getting Started in VR Training

Do you want to create immersive learning that increases retention and engagement? John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO and creator of CenarioVR, is here to help you get started. In this webinar, he walked you through 4 areas that are critical to getting your VR training project off the ground and rockin'. 

  • Where to find project inspiration
  • How to get management buy-in 
  • Tips and tricks for filming scenes
  • Scenario creation best practices

Watch the recording below to hear about all of our experiences and lessons learned around those 4 key parts of creating virtual reality learning experiences

Here are a few key things from John’s presentation to keep in mind.

Virtual reality can be a great solution to common training challenges, like learning engagement and knowledge transfer. However, before you jump to use an exciting new technology, ask yourself if your training goal really fits with virtual reality.

Some reasons that VR might be a good fit include:

  • You need to train for spatial awareness
  • Can create more realistic scenarios
  • Good alternative to training on prohibitively expensive equipment
  • Safer training option
  • Eliminates travel cost

If these sound like what you need, then go ahead and make the case for VR to your stakeholders (something else John covers in the webinar). But never implement technology just for technology’s sake.

Before you get started with your project, make sure you have a storyboard!

Taking the time to lay out what scenes you will be filming is an invaluable part of the process.

Storyboarding for VR—or really any multi-scene video project—is a more visual process than it is for standard eLearning. It’s much more like storyboarding for a film project than a traditional “next-driven” eLearning course. John recommended several tools, including PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Comic Life. 

As you’re storyboarding and planning your course, remember that the best VR training is not porting existing training to VR, it's coming up with a totally new way of training on the subject that takes advantage of the medium you are in.

Another topic John discussed in the webinar was getting corporate buy-in for building virtual reality training. 

One critical thing to do during this process is to level-set. Anyone who’s seen Minority Report or similar sci-fi movies might be expecting a degree of user interface that’s not realistic with today’s VR/AR technology.

Show your management or stakeholders demo videos or examples of training created with the product you’re considering so they know what to expect.

Another tip from John: Find internal champions within your company to help you move this project forward.

Probably the most compelling argument you can present to your stakeholders is the potential ROI. In the webinar, John shared two client examples of amazing ROI achieved using courses built with CenarioVR

Watch the recording now to see those ROI examples and learn more about building engaging training in virtual reality.


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