Using the Know/Feel/Do Approach to Create Engaging Courses

Sometimes the hardest part of eLearning development is simply coming up with strong, meaningful ideas. Using the KNOW/FEEL/DO Framework can help instructional designers unlock a world of creative possibilities, moving you away from passive, boring slideshows into more active learning activities that are designed to evoke emotions and leave users with the feelings you want them to have.

We were joined by Callista Dawson, Senior Multimedia & Learning Experience Designer at Los Angeles Pacific University (LAPU) for this webinar. She shared her team’s strategy for coming up with interactive courses that resonate with their learners.

What is the KNOW/FEEL/DO Framework?

When starting a project, ask yourself:

What does the user need to KNOW?

How do we want them to FEEL?

What do they need to be able to DO?

Teaching and assessing retention of new concepts covers the KNOW and DO portions. But when it comes to engagement...

The most important piece for making your courses more engaging is the FEEL question.

How do you address FEEL?

Think about the last training you took. How did you feel before you started the course, during the course, and after you were done? How would you have liked to feel?

Callista’s team at LAPU uses Miro mind mapping tool to collaborate on brainstorming how they want learners to feel before, during, and after taking a course.

Here’s an example of using the Miro tool to brainstorm emotions:

miro mind mapping screenshot covering the question "how do you want your user to feel?"

Next, Callista and the webinar attendees talked through different ways to invoke each of these emotions through instructional design and development techniques like storytelling, adding music, using quality graphics, and more. 

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about the KNOW/FEEL/DO Framework and how you can use it in your next eLearning development project. 


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