Upskilling Employees with Immersive Learning

Over the years, ELB Learning has trained millions of employees with Immersive Learning solutions. With data and intelligence from these deployments, we’ve developed a framework to create and measure the value of Immersive Learning. 

In this webinar, Stephen Baer, Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency, a division of ELB Learning, Jordan Erickson, Founding Partner at Infuse Medical, and Steve Deverall, Immersive Creative Director at Infuse Medical presented this value framework and shared concrete examples from some of the largest companies in the world.

We Start By Identifying Your Business KPIs

Ultimately, your business needs will drive the learning strategy we develop. Most likely, we’ll create something that addresses a combination of KPIs. This consultation gives our clients opportunities to tell us what they are focused on and what they need the training to do. 

KPI categories we look at include:

Improved Learner Experiences

  • Increase Engagement
  • Sustain Focus
  • Improve Retention

Employee Growth

  • Reskill & Upskill
  • Improve Confidence
  • Change Behavior

Optimized Budget

  • Reduce Cost
  • Reduce Seat Time
  • Reduce Turnover

Business Results

  • Improve Performance
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Profitability

ELB Learning is different from other learning services and products companies because we can deliver multiple highly engaging modalities, all in-house:

These modalities provide learning experiences that are highly engaging, repetitive, and drive retention. We offer different interactivity levels to meet your budget and training goals.

In this webinar, we showed examples created by ELB Learning and Infuse Medical for clients like Microsoft, Cybercatch, Hologic, Merz, and more.

Over 95% of VR training participants feel that it is superior to any other training method.

-NIH: Effectiveness of Virtual Reality in Nursing Education, 2021

Fully immersive learning is any training experience that engages a learner’s senses and/or emotions. Immersive learning utilizes sight, sound, touch and interaction, and especially movement. The more senses that are involved, the deeper the emotional response, which science has proven increases the brain’s connected pathways exponentially. 

VR training has a learning retention rate of 75% compared to 20% with traditional mixed-media.

-Frontcore, VR onboarding study, 2020

Some of the ways we measure the success of a learning experience include:

  • Measure knowledge retention, skills development, and application
  • Track decision processing, individual choices, tendencies, risk tolerance, etc.
  • Track accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency of performance
  • Observe performance and coach accordingly

Watch all the examples of immersive learning created by ELB Learning in the webinar recording:

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