Upskill Your Employees With a Learning Platform and Content Library That Rocks

Need to quickly and effectively upskill and reskill your employees? The Rockstar Learning Platform and BizLibrary off-the-shelf courseware pair perfectly for employee engagement and higher user adoption.

The BizLibrary Collection offers a comprehensive library—over 9,000 engaging, microlearning, video-based programs that are produced and aggregated from more than 40 specialty content producers. Our collection features topics like communication, leadership, HR compliance, and so much more. 

BizLibrary is also one of the ONLY companies in our industry that is both a producer and aggregator of content.

All of these features allow organizations to directly target any learning need or style. In today’s world employees are looking for workplaces that value their development on an individualized level. By providing such a comprehensive library we make each employee feel like they are being heard. 

Pair this robust content offering, with the Rockstar LMS and your eLearning solution becomes not only effective, but also enjoyable. 

Whether you're looking for an LMS, an LXP, or just a quick and easy way to provide video-based training, The Rockstar Learning Platform is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution to meet your needs today, and allows you to innovate in the future.

With the Rockstar Learning Platform, you can:

  • Create on-demand courses
  • Blend eLearning with live events
  • Personalize learning paths
  • Brand your learning platform
  • Curate knowledge with Boards and Channels
  • Practice and coach with video
  • And more!

Contact us to schedule a demo to see the Rockstar Learning Platform and BizLibrary courses in action. Or sign up for a free Rockstar Learning Platform account now.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about how the Rockstar Learning Platform and BizLibrary’s courses can help you quickly and easily deliver quality training!