Translating Employee Experience into Learning Content

Lean into Learning

Josh Bersin said it best, “The single biggest driver of business impact is the strength of an organization's learning culture.”  Even though he said that over ten years ago, it holds true today.   And in our current state of rapid change, rapid shift, and rapid pivot, organizations need to lean into learning more than ever.  This past year has been fraught with challenges, and resources may be scarce, budgets may be tight and time may be short.  So how do we continue to build and maintain a learning culture?  One way is to tap into the greatest resource that ANY organization has – their PEOPLE! 

Modern Learners Want to Get Involved

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of learning trends, then you know that today’s learners prefer to “pull” their own learning, rather than have learning “pushed” to them.  While it is still necessary to push learning for compliance and corporate initiatives, modern learners are more autonomous and self-serving.  They are more like, “I got this…just give me the right resources, and I’ll take it from here.”   Enabling and tapping into this independent tendency will enhance engagement and level-up your learning culture.  

5 Things Today’s Learners Want  

  1. They want to be at the helm, steering their own development and seeking out their own learning opportunities.   
  2. They want learning on demand, available anytime, from any device.
  3. They want lots of learning modalities to meet their varying learning preferences.   
  4. They want learning to include social collaboration, like chats, discussions and messaging.
  5. They want to learn from each other by sharing experiences, expertise and insights.

It’s a tall order!  Hence the rise of the LXP, which provides the features and functionality to allow learners to control their own destinies. 

 LXP Promotes Personalized Learning

Much like Amazon, Netflix, and Pandora, LXP’s leverage AI-driven technology to personalize learning. Whereas an LMS is mostly driven by Administrators, LXP’s learn about the learners and promote content based on their habits and preferences.  

Although Administrators can still shape the content and resources that are deployed to an extent, the LXP meets modern learner preferences for informal, peer-to-peer learning by serving as a content aggregator – curating content from various sources, including external vendor content, internal organizational content, the internet, and user-generated content.  

Let’s Get Social 

Human beings have been learning from each other since the beginning of time.  It’s the most natural way that we learn, whether consciously or unconsciously. LXP’s offer a myriad of methods to engage learners socially and collaboratively.  This has multiple advantages:

5 Advantages of Social Learning

  1. When we learn formally, on average we retain only 10%, but when we learn informally – from other people, on average we retain upwards of 90%!  
  2. Leveraging the collective skills, knowledge and approaches of an organization’s people can increase engagement, build and strengthen skills and increase productivity.
  3. Engaging employees keeps them happier, which keeps them around – and in today’s Talent Crunch, it’s imperative to upskill and retain employees!
  4. In the event that employees do move on – leveraging employee-developed learning allows organizations to hang onto critical information, so it doesn’t walk out the door. 
  5. Employee expertise is budget friendly!   Tapping into employee knowledge for seminars, webinars and elearning content costs a heck of a lot less than vendors. 

Encouraging Employees to Create Content 

You’re ready to tap into the rich resource of employee knowledge, but how do you encourage them to help create content?  Here are a few tips:

  • Your employees are busy, and if creating content is too cumbersome, they simply won’t do it.  Provide an easy means of creating content that won’t drain their time by leveraging LXP features and user-friendly, cloud-based authoring tools. 
  • Appeal to the WIIFM by marketing and incentivizing opportunities for content creation.  This can include both monetary and non-monetary rewards.  And you can tap into friendly competition by leveraging leaderboards as a way to recognize top performers. 
  • Set the expectation early on and incorporate content creation into job roles and development goals.  

How The Rockstar Learning Platform Enables Employee Created Content

The Rockstar Learning Platform includes both the administrative features to manage learning and the learner experience features to easily enable employee content creation. 

  • Create On-Demand Courses – Easily source important knowledge contributions from Subject Matter Experts in your organization(s) to share with those who need it most.  Any employee can share text, images, and videos uploaded or captured with their own device.  Best of all, videos are automatically translated for multilingual close captions and voiceover! Employees can also quickly add multimedia content such as videos (.mp4, .mov), audio (.mp3), interactive modules, documents, and quizzes. The Rockstar Learning Platform is fully compatible with SCORM and xAPI authoring tools.  And take it to the next level with integrated advanced interactions, virtual reality, and gaming into your Rockstar Learning courses with our very own Authoring Suite tools: Lectora®, CenarioVR®, and The Training Arcade®.

  • Channels - This super cool feature optimizes the ability to curate content – and allows anyone to contribute.   It’s easy for an employee to author content anywhere they are, at any time, and then pop it into a Channel to contribute to a learning path.  

  • Boards – Get social with Boards, which is a way for any employee at any level to find great content they love inside of the Rockstar Learning Platform and then share it with others. When employees curate content to a Board, they can provide some context for what they’re sharing and make it easier for others to access it and get value from it.

Your employees need to feel valued, engaged and empowered.  You need your employees.  Enabling them to create and curate content to share their collective experience, expertise and insights is a win-win for everyone in your organization.  Leveraging the LMS/LXP features and functions of the Rockstar Learning Platform helps you boost employee engagement and create a culture of learning  – and a winning culture! 

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