Podcast Excerpt: The Why Behind the Rebranding

The CEO of ELB learning, Andrew Scivally was recently invited onto The Learning Experience podcast to talk about eLearning Brothers rebranding to ELB Learning. Andrew mentions a few key points they considered when rebranding: The name, the logo, and the future.

The Name: ELB Learning


For those who are familiar with the old name, eLearning Brothers, the ELB is a nod to that. ELB has always been used internally as shorthand for eLearning Brothers. But for those who don’t know the old name, ELB can also mean Experience Learning Better. So it keeps the new name familiar while also bringing new meaning. 


“As we’ve gone through different acquisitions and things like that, we are very different than we were in the past,” Andrew says. eLearning Brothers started out as a company that only sold eLearning templates. Now, with the acquisitions and merging of companies that has happened over the years the company has expanded to offer an incredibly diverse set of tools, services, and more. It needed a name that encompassed everything it had become. ELB learning replaces eLearning with learning. Classroom vs. eLearning is an old debate. “It’s all just learning now.” 

The Logo

Andrew explains that they wanted something modern “that kind of had a creative feel.” The logo they decided on initially stood out because it had a nice look, but it also featured an infinity symbol. The infinity symbol in the logo now represents the learning cycle: continuous learning and constant improvement—which is the whole point of the new name. 

The new focus of ELB Learning is “How do we help everyone out there to create better learning experiences for customers and employees.” It’s about making the cycle of learning more effective and efficient. 

The Future

The new brand needed to reflect where the company is headed—being a company that offers everything you need to create, facilitate, and run a learning program. The goal of ELB Learning is to “blend [it all] together and become a company that can really be the one vendor for all things that a learning and development team might need.” Andrew says. “Right now a lot of these big companies, they’re going to 4 or 5 different vendors to get the parts and pieces… But we really believe that we can put it all together.” So the new name encompasses everything that falls under “learning.” 

The company has become so much more than what it began as. And now there’s a brand to match. 

To dive deeper into the new brand and all that comes with it, listen to Andrew’s conversation with The Learning Experience podcast.