Ready to Rock the Big Game? (6 Snack Recipes Inside)


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It’s that time of year again—Super Bowl Sunday!

This is the day these two teams have waited and trained for the whole season, and probably their whole career. This is their chance to put it all out there. Everything they’ve learned, studied, and perfected over the years. All for a chance to hoist that trophy high, with confetti in the air to prove they are the champions of the world. At least until next year.

Did you know on average NFL players practice or study for 10-12 hours a day?

Their day typically starts at about 7 am and ends at 7 pm at night. During that time they watch game film from their previous games to analyze and correct issues. They also watch video of their opponent for the following weekend and then train all week for the specific plays they will use in that weekend’s game to (hopefully) defeat their opponent.

Not to mention hours of team meetings, weight lifting, and being available to reporters. There’s a lot of training that goes into Sunday’s performance.

Now think about this in terms of your own employees’ performance.

Do your training programs include the right activities and enough time so your players can perform when they are called to the big game (or meeting or campaign, etc.)?

How do you adequately prepare for when trick plays pop up and your learners have to respond to something out of the ordinary?

Take the NFL as a good example of immersive, consistent learning and coaching to get great results out of their players.

Much like players in the NFL, your employees are looking for ways to be superstar, MVP, and Hall of Fame level champions within your organization. Your job is to develop them and coach them on to success in the big game. You probably don’t need to spend 12 hours a day, but consistent learning, practicing, and coaching time each and every day can increase employee performance exponentially.

Now that the pep talk is over, you were promised snacks.

Along with the players prepping for the big game, you as fans need to be prepared for the event. Again we’ve got you covered with some great advice from our team here at eLearning Brothers.

We recently asked our team what their favorite snacks for the big game are and these were the winners:

  1. Wings (With a variety of different sauce options)
  2. Little Smokies
  3. Chips and Dip

But if you’re wanting some more unique ideas, we have just the recipes for you:



Via AllRecipes

White Chocolate Oreo Cookie Balls

white chocolate oreo balls

Via SnackWorks

Cream Cheese Chili Dip

cream cheese chili dip

Via Instrupix

Polish Roses

polish roses

Via FlusterBuster

Some teammates even like to look for snacks that are from the regions where each team is located.

Check out these unique regional ideas:

San Francisco’s Mini Sourdough Bowls with Clam Chowder

mini sourdough bowls with clam chowder

Via The Hopeless Housewife

Kansas City Style Ribs

kansas city style ribs

Via Fine Cooking

Along with their favorite snacks, we asked our team for their predictions of the big game.

Here are the results of who/what we think will win on Sunday:

48% San Francisco 49ers  33% Kansas City Chiefs  7% Really Don’t Care  7% I Hope They Both Lose  4% The Commercials  0% The Half-Time Show

We asked everyone to guess the final scores too for a little office competition. We won’t list these here, but look for the winner announced later next week!

What are some of your favorite recipes for employee success?

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