​​Pushing Boundaries in 360 & VR for eLearning with Filmmaker Hugh Hou

Meet Hugh Hou—world-renowned 360 Filmmaker and Youtuber. Hugh is the Co-Founder of CreatorUp, a video marketplace that makes video easy, even VR video!

In this webinar, Hugh Hou and the CreatorUp team covered when to hire a team to create your VR content versus when to do it yourself. They also shared best practices for doing it yourself and talked about the tools needed for filming and building immersive experiences.

Why Create 360 VR Content for Training

For Soft Skills

According to Chief Learning Officer, “VR provides a low-pressure way to practice high stakes conversations and foster an emotional connection for learners.”

For Safety

“[VR] replicates dangerous and expensive training. Can’t train people in the field. Can’t simulate a crash in the field," said CenarioVR® user Mark Stauffer, Senior Manager, Global Learning and Development for Brink’s Company.

For Greater Retention

Accenture found a 75% improvement in retention rates when learners use immersive learning.

When to DIY Your Immersive Learning

360 cameras have greatly decreased in cost since they first hit the market. Today, it’s entirely feasible to film your own 360 content, upload it into CenarioVR, and create an immersive training experience.

Our clients are filming their office locations to create onboarding training, lab safety scenarios, and more. 

The benefits of filming your own immersive content include:

  • Lower production costs
  • Shorter turnaround time
  • Easy to create a prototype for stakeholder buy-in

If you’re not feeling up to filming your own content, or you really want a high production level, going with an external vendor like CreatorUp is a great idea. In this webinar, CreatorUp showed examples of how they can add polish and flair to your immersive training scenarios with drone footage, professional lighting and audio, and more.

Watch the webinar recording here:


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