Prove Training Impact with CourseMill’s Reporting Features

If you can imagine it, you can measure it. Between countless pre-built reports and the ability to export data to Tableau and other business intelligence platforms, CourseMill® LMS is as straightforward or advanced as you need it to be.

In this webinar, John Eckhart, Support Manager for LMS Platforms at eLearning Brothers, showed attendees how to get the most out of CourseMill’s reporting features.

CourseMill includes General Reports, which can be customized, and a variety of built-in reports. The built-in reports analyze the usage of your system, check the status of courses and students, and more. 

An important feature to be aware of is the Report Locker. The CourseMill Report Locker is where you can automate and distribute reports. Once you’ve created a custom report, save it to the Report Locker and then set up a schedule for the report to run automatically or on-demand.

Things you can track in CourseMill:

  • Interactions, like when a learner takes a quiz or a test in a SCORM-based test, which answers were right or wrong, and more
  • Scores
  • Completions by due date
  • Transcripts for individual learners
  • And much more!

CourseMill has a feature called Organization, or Orgs, which aggregates groups of users into their own collection of courses and records. If you are a member of an Org, you only see the courses that are in that organization. When you report on an org, you will only pull records from students and users in that organization. 

You can download any of your reports as a comma-separated file (.csv) and open them up in Excel for further analysis. You can generate graphics for data visualizations, add logic, calculate sums, and more. 

In the webinar, John also talked about using reports and the Kirkpatrick Model to analyze training’s effectiveness.

Watch the CourseMill reporting webinar recording now: 


Interested in CourseMill? Contact us to schedule a demo or set up a limited free trial. Our Professional Services team can also help you create custom reports.