Power Couple: 2019's Most Downloaded Cutout Man and Woman


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Creating character guides in eLearning is a tried and true technique to add some personality to a training course. Cutout people can give a face to a topic and help the learner better connect with the information. eLearning is a solo activity, so having the friendly face of a character guide there can make it more engaging.

Using cutout people also makes it easier to incorporate storytelling elements and conversational scenarios into your training courses.

While we have thousands of characters in our Cutout People Library, there were two clear standouts this year in terms of popularity.

Introducing 2019’s Most Downloaded Cutout Man and Woman…

Elena and Pavan!

These two sharp dressers were incredibly popular in 2019, beating out last year's top man and woman, Adrian and Claudia.

All of our characters are clipped out and on transparent backgrounds when you download them, so you can use them in any course. Grab a background photo of an office, a worksite, or the great outdoors from our Stock Asset Library and set the scene for your online training!

Using Cutout People With Our Templates

Many of our Course Starters and conversational scenario templates already have cutout people from our library, but you can easily change them out for your preferred characters.

For example, I put Pavan and Elena into the New Stone 2.0 Conversational Scenario PowerPoint template instead of the original characters. It only took a few clicks and I was done! All of our cutout people include multiple poses and emotions, making it easy to build out a full scenario.

Here you can see the original characters in the template:

Those cutout people are great too, but personally, I think Elena’s yellow shirt pops really nicely against the charcoal background. And of course, whenever you can, you want your eLearning’s characters to match your learner demographic.

Cutout People Attire

Speaking of matching your demographic… Depending on your office location and culture, you may want your character to be wearing something other than strict business attire. No problem!

Elena is available for download in several different outfits, from casual attire—in and out of a wheelchair—to restaurant server to various levels of business attire. Pavan also has a few different outfits, from casual to business.

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