Pop Quiz: How to Create Unique Assessments


Please clear off your desks and get out a pencil—because it’s time for a pop quiz! Question 1: How do you create unique e-Learning assessments?

Okay, you probably need more than a pencil to answer this question because assessments are such a crucial part of the e-Learning experience. They can be used for different purposes, so when they’re added strategically to a training course, you’ll see huge results. Assessments can be either formative or summative. Here’s the difference:

  • A formative assessment is an assessment for learning. For example, you could incorporate quizzes throughout an e-Learning course to help students learn the material. The purpose of a formative assessment is to improve learning and achievement.
  • A summative assessment is an assessment of learning. Both a test at the end of a course or a quiz checkpoint mid-course can be summative, but the purpose of this type of assessment is to measure what the students have learned.

Whether you’re creating a formative or summative assessment, you want to make sure that it’s unique and engaging. Here are a few helpful tutorials that explain how to create different types of assessments in Lectora®:

If you want to get really creative, you can also use jQuery to customize your e-Learning and create unique assessments!

It’s time to try out some of these ideas in that e-Learning course you’re working on today. Bonus: When you include engaging and unique assessments in your course, your learners will be sure to give it an A+.