Onboarding in a Hybrid Workplace with CenarioVR

In this webinar, Betty Danowitz discusses onboarding in hybrid workplaces. Danowitz describes a hybrid workplace as “some level of combination of in-office and remote working.”

Hybrid workplaces change the way “work” looks. Work life balance changes. Colleague relationships change. The distance between employees and the office changes. Employee motivation changes. And onboarding changes. Danowitz asks how onboarding can be adjusted to work more effectively in a hybrid workplace. 

She suggests creating a “blended experience that brings in some of the virtual world” along with things that would normally be done in person. This can be done through CenarioVR. 

Virtual reality onboarding gives employees an awesome and engaging experience. Danowitz demonstrates how virtual reality onboarding might look. She shows the personalized options and choices available within the experience. She shows how easy it is for employees to navigate and mentions all the options for adding interactivity and informative popups available to employers in CenarioVR. Employers can set up point systems to gamify the experience, add voice overs and videos, use a 360 camera to put their office into the experience, and more. 

To set up the CenarioVR onboarding experience, start with a storyboard. Danowitz says to consider the following when storyboarding: 

  • what should the experience look like, sound like, and feel like
  • what do employees need to know before
  • what should they learn during
  • what should they be able to do after 

Next, gather assets: pictures, voiceover, and details. She says to “be overly detailed” to make the experience rich and authentic.

Then build. 

  • Begin where all new hires begin: a reception desk, the parking lot, an email
  • Make consistent new hire experiences your overall goal.
  • Keep it simple, but detailed. 
  • Leave space for department or team-specific onboarding.

Virtual reality allows employers to create an accessible, hybrid-friendly onboarding experience that is engaging and easy to navigate.

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