Lessons Learned Using CenarioVR: Real World Examples in Pharma

In this webinar, Valerie Quezada, M.S., Instructional System Designer at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, took attendees behind the scenes on two projects created in CenarioVR

Introduced to CenarioVR by one of her professors, Valerie was instantly hooked on the ease of use and endless possibilities for content creation. Now, Valerie is creating immersive experiences for employees at Takeda Pharmaceutical and teaching other instructional designers how to use CenarioVR. 

First things first, Valerie shared the 3 hardware essentials you need for capturing images to use in building virtual reality training.

Hardware Needs

  1. A 360-degree camera (Valerie uses the YI360 camera)
  2. A memory card (You may want multiples if you’re sharing the camera with other coworkers)
  3. A tripod

And of course, having a backup battery charged and ready to go is always a good idea!

Tip: Make sure your camera settings are set to “stitch.”

Example 1

Virtual Tour: Quality Control Lab

The first example Valerie shared was a virtual tour of a quality control laboratory. This tour was developed so that the business had a secondary source for touring guests, vendors, and new hires who couldn’t visit the site. Her company has sites all over the world and the virtual tour makes the lab accessible from anywhere.

Development Steps

  1. Capture 360 images
  2. Choose a color palette
  3. Select diverse avatars 
  4. Plan out the branching to different areas
  5. Place hotspots, info cards, etc.

Valerie made her color palette choices based on her company’s branding, while also keeping in mind the accessibility of those colors, and working to ensure appropriate color contrast between icons and the images underneath.

She was able to find a diverse selection of cutout people wearing lab coats in the eLearning Brothers AssetLibrary

Potential Savings From the Virtual Lab Tour

  • Reduce need to travel to site
  • Reduce employee hours to tour
  • Ability to tour 24/7/365

Example 2

Virtual Training: Filter Press Manual Cleaning

Valerie developed this training to achieve the business goal of decreasing employees’ time to qualify on new tasks, provide a quick refresher with the aid of QR codes, and potentially reduce or replace the need to read and understand procedures. 

Much of the current training is long documents. Valerie’s team is embedding QR codes into those documents and thereby providing an option to watch and interact with a demonstration of how to perform the task, instead of reading about it.

Valerie used the timed event feature in CenarioVR to add informational pop-ups at specific points in the video. This provides the learner with more details about the technique being shown.

Potential Savings From the Virtual Training

  • Reduce initial time spent on overview
  • Can be used for refresher or crossover training 24/7/365
  • Reduce the read and understand complexities of SOPs

Watch the video below to learn more about these virtual reality training projects.


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