Lectora Online Update: Turn Passive Learning into Active Learning

Lectora Online Update- Turn Passive Learning into Active Learning

Media, Web Windows, & PowerPoint Enhancements

Media Enhancements

Improved Audio/Video Events Editor

Create events and select the action to trigger all within the same dialog at the same time.

Set Time Action for Audio and Video

Trigger an action to skip to a specific time in a media file.

Use Web Windows More Effectively

Use Display Page Action with Web Windows

Perfect for synchronizing video and text changes all on one page. For example, you can use the “Page in Title” Web Window option to embed a chapter or section within a page, and trigger video events with the Display Page action to navigate from page to page within the Web Window.

Web Windows Scale to Fit Dynamically

Ensures the content of a page in title will fit properly in a Web Window.

Import PowerPoint Update

Import PowerPoint Slides from the Tools Ribbon

Insert and convert a PPT file directly into a currently opened title.