Lectora Online Update: Security, Translations & More

Lectora Online Update- Security, Translations

Amp up security and productivity with the latest release of Lectora Online!


Speed Up Translations with XLIFF Support

Save time when importing & exporting translation files by working with standardized XLIFF format (XML Localization Interchange File Format).


Configure Safer, Stronger Password Policies

Upgrade your organization’s password policies to comply with NIST guidelines including minimum character length, special character requirements, failed login rules, and more.


Add Captions to Lectora’s Screen Recorder Videos

Insert closed caption files directly into the video editor with the “CC” button located next to the timeline.


Create Scripted Video Recordings That Rock! 

Add narration and voice-over scripts to organize your content, emphasize key points, and improve the output of your video. View Quick Video »

View release notes on the Knowledge Base.