LECTORA LIVE: Streamline Your Lectora Workflow for Rapid Content Creation

Do you feel like there are always more projects than you have time to work on? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do more in less time? 

In our recent Lectora Live, Josh Bleggi, Learning Solutions Engineer shows how to set up a process in Lectora® to speed up your content creation to achieve professional and consistent results in record time.

In this webinar, Josh covers:

  • Creating a baseline template to start all your projects from
  • Customizing templates and saving them as Library Objects for repeatable use
  • How to share templates to help your entire team scale their content creation
  • And much more

Two Main Workflow Options

Josh shows two ways to set up your eLearning course in this webinar. The first one involves creating a baseline template or design system to use for all your courses, and the second involves importing a PowerPoint presentation into Lectora.


Workflow 1 - Lectora Course Design System

Using the same design system for all your courses can help you build consistency and speed up your eLearning development speed. A design system lets you “Build, Reuse, Repeat.” I know, it’s not quite as catchy as “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” but it’s still awesome.

How to Set Up A Lectora Design System

Jump to 17:38 in the video to see this in action.

  1. Build and save a baseline template
    1. Fonts and font styles*
    2. Color palette*
    3. Branding Look and feel
    4. Essential course structure
    5. Project Settings
  2. Build and save Library Objects**
    1. Interactions
    2. Scenarios
    3. Page Layouts
    4. Theme
    5. Buttons
    6. Etc. 
  3. Set up clear guidelines for usage

*Saved to Lectora to use across all projects. Can be exported and shared with team.

**Shared with entire team in Lectora Online. Can be exported and shared with team in Lectora Desktop.


Workflow 2 - PowerPoint to Lectora

I know, PowerPoint can be a dirty word in the world of instructional design and eLearning, but in this case, it can be our dirty little secret. Starting with a PowerPoint presentation can give you a head start before you start development in your authoring tool.

PowerPoint is a commonly used business software—most companies it and most employees know how to use. This allows you to use subject matter experts (SMEs) and other less trained employees to start courses in PowerPoint. Then, you import that into your authoring tool and focus on adding higher-level interactivity with actions and triggers.

How to Set Up PowerPoint to Lectora Workflow

Jump to 38:49 in the video to see this in action.

  1. Build a baseline PowerPoint template
  2. Build PowerPoint Import Shell
    1. Assignable unit
    2. Basic Navigation
    3. Fonts
    4. Theme (optional)
    5. Basic Test
  3. Build and save Library Objects*
  4. Set up clear guidelines for usage

*Shared with entire team in Lectora Online. Can be exported and shared with team in Lectora Desktop.

Watch the Lectora Live recording below:

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