Immersive Learning: No Headset Required

ELB Learning has years of experience creating immersive learning experiences for our customers. In this webinar, we peeled back the curtain and showed a few of our secret tips, as well as talked about levels of immersive learning. We also shared some examples of immersive experiences we’ve created for our clients. 

Our speakers included Geoff Curless, SVP Sales - Learning Solutions, Stephen Baer, Chief Creative Officer, and Allan Rust, Creative Director. These 3 experts have years of experience in both eLearning, game development, UX design, animation, and more. In fact, Allan Rust is a 3-time Emmy Award winner!

One key idea we wanted attendees to take away from this webinar was that you don’t need a headset to have an immersive experience!

Our speakers also focused on answering these three questions:

  1. What is the difference between Passive and Active learning?
  2. What are Learning Levels and how do they support immersive learning?
  3. How does immersive learning contribute to workforce progress?

Watch the webinar recording for answers to all three of those questions. For now, let’s focus on passive versus active learning.

Passive Vs Active Learning

This can be applied to any skill you want to get stronger at. There are many ways to develop a skill. 

  • Passive learning includes watching a video, reading a book, talking to an expert, etc.
  • Active learning is learning by doing, for example, lifting weights, practicing a sports technique, creating your own test report, or coding a sample website.

Learning experiences can be classified as levels of interactivity. We at ELB Learning define learning levels in 5 different ways:

  1. Passive
  2. Active
  3. Interactive
  4. Immersive
  5. Simulation

Watch the Immersive Learning webinar recording now:


These are some of the tools that Geoff, Stephen, and Allan shared:

Plus, check out this demo reel to see some immersive experiences ELB Learning has created:

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