How to Retain Your Employees With Training: Development Stage

How to Retain Your Employees With Training- Development StageDuring every stage of the employee life cycle, you have opportunities to improve your employee retention.

In our free eBook, Retain Your Employees: 6 Key Stages to Include Training, we show you how to add training to stages of the employee life cycle you might not have considered before—and where you can add a few more chords to enhance an already epic performance.

The Employee Life Cycle

The employee life cycle is an organized way to look at the different stages an employee follows within your organization.

Attraction > Recruitment > Onboarding > Development > Retention > Separation

Most employers focus their training efforts in the Onboarding and Development areas. In previous blogs, we talked about Attraction, Recruitment, and Onboarding.

Today we’re focusing on the Development stage.

The Development Stage

During the Development stage, the employer helps the employee to expand their knowledge and skill set, by providing training programs and other growth opportunities.

92% of U.S. employees say learning something new on the job makes them more motivated and engaged at work.

Offering continuous development training is key, but make sure you’re providing the right kinds of training to help them develop the way they want. Development is an individual experience. What each employee needs for development will be as different as their taste in music.

A great way to ensure you’re meeting your employees’ development needs is to have them set personal and career goals. Then, establish a mentoring relationship with their supervisor or another experienced employee and have them work together to create a learning path based on the training and development programs you offer.

Put Training Programs In Place

The quickest way to get an employee development program in place is by using off-the-shelf courseware. The beauty of pre-built courses is that you can find almost any training topic you need, and it's ready to deploy immediately. You save yourself a ton of development time and you don't need to have a subject matter expert available in-house.

We can help you easily deliver off-the-shelf courses from our library, using any learning management system. If you don’t have a learning management system yet, we’d love to give you a demo of Knowledgelink LMS.

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