How to Improve Company Culture with Your Training Program

When the pandemic closed physical offices last year, many companies began to ask, “How do we define our company’s culture without those free snacks in the break room and games in the office?”

What we’ve learned over the past year is that company culture aligns more with how your people live your organization’s core values, mission, and vision. The benefits of having a strong company culture include:

  • Improved employee retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Attracting better talent to your organization

But many companies aren’t there yet. When polled, 66% of our webinar attendees said their company culture needs improvement.

In this webinar, we shared how you can define or redefine your organization’s culture by investing in your people and their personal and professional growth. Watch the recording below to learn what it takes to build a strong company culture, and how to use your online training program to achieve your goals.

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Defining Company Culture - Identifying Positive vs. Negative & Common Mistakes

Examples of Positive Company Culture

Examples of Negative Company Culture

Misconceptions About What Builds Culture

Growth opportunities

Accessible leadership

Comfortable workspaces

Genuine connection

Unfriendly competition

Lack of flexibility

No autonomy

High absenteeism rates

Free snacks



Benefits or “Perks”


How to Definite or Redefine Your Culture

These 3 simple steps provide a framework to follow as you work on developing—or fixing—your company culture.


Bring it back to your organization’s mission, core values, and vision.


Gain leadership and managerial buy-in. Get the entire organization involved.


Celebrate positive behavior and provide honest feedback.

A big part of what our presenters discussed was how building a learning culture can contribute to your overall company culture in a positive way.

A few ways to build a learning culture include:

  • Using learning as a tool to overcome common business challenges
  • Letting everyone share and source knowledge
  • Offering on-demand microlearning content

Watch the webinar recording now to get all the tips and examples that our webinar presenters shared on how to build a better company culture.

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