From the Archives: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About VR

Are you ready for BIG results from immersive learning but find yourself getting stuck?

If you are hitting obstacles or simply have questions, Christopher Goodsell and Lyle Colon at ILX (Interactive Learning Experience) can help! 

From ideation and inception to deployment and tracking, this interactive session will explain every step of the planning and development process - and it’s easier than you think. Plus, they will highlight real-world case studies from their impressive VR training portfolio to help you spark ideas!

Highlights include:

  • How to Know if VR is the right strategy for your eLearning project

  • Which tools and equipment you’ll need

  • How to effectively shoot 360 photos & videos

  • How to deploy your immersive content

  • Which tracking metrics make sense

  • And so much more!

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