eLBX Live 2019 Recap: Fun & Creative Ways to Use Video Effectively in eLearning


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Brigham Sunday, CEO of Storybox Studios, joined us at eLBX Live 2019 to show Fun and Creative Ways to Use Video Effectively in eLearning. eLearning Brothers Custom Team has partnered with Storybox Studios to create videos for a number of award-winning courses.

Note: We also recently shared this presentation as a live webinar, to allow more people to get these great tips. Scroll down for the recording.

Brigham began his presentation by demonstrating what may possibly be the world's most boring video. Interestingly enough the video is a video course on how to use Microsoft Word in 1989. Even then it was recognized that videos were a valuable tool for training.


We also saw brilliant examples made by eLearning Brothers for clients including Amazon, Delta, Starbucks, MetaMythic, PayPal, Red Flag, and more!


Brigham showed ten things to consider when creating video:


  1. What is the purpose and objective of the video
  2. Consider your audience
  3. Storyboarding is best
  4. Ensure it is story-centered
  5. Set the mood and context quickly
  6. Show off your skills
  7. Ensure your audio creates immersion
  8. Remember that quality counts
  9. Interactive videos have a place
  10. Be sure to use your full mix of tricks

Here's one of the videos Brigham shared as an example of how audio can create immersion.

This was created for eLearning Brothers' longtime client, PayPal.



This session was so popular at eLBX Live, we redid it as a free webinar! Watch the recording now, presented by Andre Chatelain.



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