Drag, Drop, and Spin Objects in Virtual Reality

An Almost “Hands-on” Experience for Interactive Hotspots

Do you have learners or employees that need to touch objects to do their job? If your learners need to sort objects, move things around, put things away, or get a better look at them to perform on-the-job tasks, CenarioVR’s latest features will help your workforce master these skills.

Drag, Drop, and Spin Objects

From cleaning up a grocery store to sorting parts on a conveyor belt, learners can move around and sort 2D and 3D objects using CenarioVR’s latest drag and drop options. And, if it is a 3D model, learners can spin it around to get a better look when you set the interaction type as “spin.” 

By dragging items in and out of a Drop Zone (where items are placed) in a virtual environment, learners can develop more spatial awareness and muscle memory from the convenience of their home. Considering the threat of infectious diseases and costly travel, employees can have a safer, more practical way to gain life-like experience without any risk. 


Interactive Hotspots: So Many Possibilities!

When you define your hotspot interaction type as a drag item or drop spot, actions can take place at the start of a drag, when items are dropped, or when a drag item hovers into or out of the Drop zone. Then, you can apply conditional actions to each of these interaction types, such as “Contains” (for a specified object or objects) and “Is Drop Target” for one or multiple items. 

For example, if you were learning how to assemble a clevis, you would need to follow a specific sequence when constructing this device. Specifically, you cannot put pins through the center bar unless you place the center bar in the correct location first. Otherwise, you have nothing holding the pins.

In CenarioVR, these types of interactions are very easy to set up. All you need to do is designate that the center bar is a “Is Drop Target” before the learner can proceed to insert pins. For this type of scenario, your learners may also benefit from having the object they wish to build as a spinnable 3D object so they can view it from every angle and understand how it should look.

See an example:



Just imagine the almost “hands-on” skills your learners can master. Even surgeons need to place medical devices within the right body part. This type of immersive training will boost performance for an endless number of on-the-job activities. It could be as simple as prompting someone to drop off a key in the correct spot. 


Get a Closer Look!

To find out how Drag, Drop, and Spin works in CenarioVR, sign up for a free trial or view John Blackmon’s explainer video.