Cutout Character of the Week: Marian

The ELB Learning Cutout People is one of the largest stock libraries for eLearning cutout characters. Whether you're looking for business attire, scrubs, or construction apparel, you're sure to find a cutout person that fits your training needs. 

Each cutout character is available on a transparent background, in multiple outfits and poses. Add a background image that represents your office or business site and you're well on your way to setting the scene! 

Today, we'd like to introduce one of our newest cutout people, Marian. 

Cutout Character of the Week- Marian_Character Collage 600x400


When Marian isn’t managing product marketing at her office, she’s a proud “cool aunt” to three little girls and one boisterous boy.

This cutout character is available in 3 different outfits and multiple poses to fit your training development needs.

Outfit 1: Casual with a kick

Marian jazzes up this outfit with leopard print booties, just like adding a cutout character to an eLearning course can jazz up the content. A friendly face always makes learners feel more comfortable and open to new information.



Outfit 2: Suited up for business

Creating more formal training? This black jacket outfit will resonate with your traditional office workers. This outfit is perfect for compliance training or office-based conversational scenarios.


Outfit 3: Casual Friday vibes

Whether you're creating training for remote workers or in-office staff, you can't go wrong with a blazer and jeans combo. It's a classic for a reason! 



With these 3 outfits and all the different poses available, Marian is the perfect fit for many different types of eLearning courses. Stay tuned for our next cutout character of the week, and until then, log in or sign up for a free trial of the Asset Library to utilize Marian and other cutout characters.