5 Ways to Drive Learner Engagement Using Gamification & Dynamic Content

Instructional designers encounter new challenges every day as the global workforce goes remote. And yet, traditional online training does not adequately address cultural diversity and learning differences. The one-size-fits-all model leaves too many learners behind. 

Domenic Caloia, founder of The Center for Learner Intelligence, joined us to share real-world examples demonstrating how small changes to your eLearning development can solve serious problems. All you need to do is “Think outside the LMS.”

In this webinar, Domenic covered:

  • Gamification
  • Dynamic web pages
  • Group chat
  • Video chat
  • Discussions
  • Feedback

How to Drive Learner Engagement with Gamification & Dynamic Content

One of the learner engagement examples Domenic shared featured an embedded video chat using Jitsi. This is a great option for distanced, remote workers. 

The course was an asynchronous, LMS-published course. He showed how you could display learning content in one half of the screen and embedded video chat on the other side. The learners can then discuss the content with each other. 

screenshot of course with embedded jitsi video chat

This could be used in many ways:

  • Instructor announces when he/she will be online to answer questions
  • Students plan to learn with friends
  • Co-workers can train as a team
  • Learning can combine individual asynchronous learning with planned synchronous meet ups all in one course

In order to do this, the video service you choose must allow you to embed it in a frame. The example Domenic showed was built using Lectora and Jitsi, but any authoring tool would work.

Watch the webinar recording below to see instructions for how to do this using Lectora authoring tool or Storyline. 

Another example featured embedded chat that makes great use of Lectora’s inheritance principle. By embedding something on one page, it is inherited on subsequent pages.

Watch the webinar recording to see all 5 ways to drive learner engagement.


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