5 Myths About eLearning

You’ve probably heard a lot of opinions about eLearning—whether you’re new to the industry or you’ve been creating online training courses for years. So how do you know what’s true and what’s a myth? 

We’ve collected 5 of the most common myths about eLearning for you. Here’s the real truth:


Myth #1: Only instructional designers can make eLearning courses.

Truth: Anyone can make an eLearning course. It can even be creative, engaging, and effective! All you need is the right authoring tool, like Lectora® eLearning software. With tons of templates and an easy-to-use interface, Lectora makes it easy for anyone to begin designing online training courses. Plus, the ROCKSTARS Community offers free eLearning resources to help you get started right away, like recorded eLearning webinars, video tutorials, and how-to courses.

Myth #2: Creating eLearning courses requires coding knowledge.

Truth: If you choose an authoring tool like Lectora, everything you need to create an eLearning course is right at your fingertips—no coding required. The Design Wizard will walk you through the steps to get started by helping you easily choose the size, style, and theme of your online training. Before you know it, you’ll be creating quizzes and adding media to your eLearning course with no programming knowledge at all.

Myth #3: Employees hate eLearning.

Truth: Employees hate bad eLearning. Sometimes the convenience of eLearning comes at the cost of well-designed and engaging content. A course that’s tailored to your learners’ needs and provides valuable on-the-job information will receive a positive reaction from your employees. Evaluate the content and usability of your eLearning course to ensure you’re providing a positive learning experience for your employees and empowering them to be more productive and successful.

Myth #4: Interactive is better.

Truth: Just because you can easily include interactive elements doesn’t mean that you always should. Before you add interaction to your eLearning course, ask yourself what the purpose of the interaction is. If it’s just for fun, then don’t waste your—or your learners’—time. But if the interaction reinforces part of the training or helps your learners better understand an important concept, include it! Take advantage of eLearning interactions to engage your learners, but also know when to hold back.

Myth #5: eLearning must be fun.

Truth: eLearning must be valued. The goal of your online training course should always be to improve job performance and business results. You can accomplish this by delivering engaging, relevant and valuable information to your learners. Don’t focus too much on trying to make your eLearning course fun. Your learners want to be challenged, and they’ll appreciate a rewarding eLearning experience.

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