Why Move from an LMS to an LXP?

It’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve been hearing about LXP lately.  A LOT.  Google the term and hundreds of links will pop up for articles, blogs, and white papers that talk about what it is, how it’s different and why you can’t – or shouldn’t – live without it.  More and more organizations are moving and migrating to platforms that tout LXP features and functions.  And there are many valid reasons for that…

The Evolution of the Modern Learner

Make no mistake, the LMS still has a place in learning and development – especially when it comes to fulfilling corporate competencies and compliance learning requirements, such as workplace harassment and safety/health.  But why an LXP?  To put it in the simplest terms, an LMS puts administrators in the driver’s seat, while an LXP puts the learners in control.  And today’s learners, otherwise known as your employees and your most valuable resource, are more demanding than ever.  But, why?

The term, “Modern Learner” was formally introduced in 2017 by Josh Bersin, one of the foremost experts in learning and development.  Josh depicted the Modern Learner as overwhelmed, distracted and impatient and greatly influenced by the rapid advances in technology and social communications that were swiftly shifting the way we work.  In addition, Josh presented a startling statistic – that the average learner had only 1% of the work week available for training and development.  That’s only 24 minutes a week!

The experience these learners wanted had also shifted.  They wanted learning available on all their devices – 24/7.  They wanted to collaborate.  They wanted options.  They wanted control.  

Five years later, today’s Modern Learner is hopefully more adapted and less overwhelmed.  But their expectations are even higher when it comes to empowerment and control over their learning destinies.  Today’s learners are used to Googling, getting what they need and getting back to their lives. They can distill huge amounts of information down to the needed nugget.  They use online forums and discussion boards to share and collaborate.   And there’s the added challenge of accommodating an unprecedented multi-generational workforce with varying learning preferences.  Whew! Ensuring effective employee development in this environment calls for a super-power solution.  Enter the LXP…

LMS to LXP – How Did We Get Here?

Consumer-driven platform personalization is everywhere.  Amazon. Netflix. Spotify. Facebook. This uncanny capability to get to know us humans stems from the underlying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.  And we love it when Amazon seems to know exactly what we want – or need – often even before we do!   It’s that same AI – along with Data Analytics – that enables an LXP to engage and empower employee learning.  The LXP learns about the learners and then generates options, recommendations and enhanced learning experiences.

4 Key Features of an LXP (vs. LMS)

Some of the most significant differentiators - and learner benefits - of LXP vs. LMS include:

  1. Expanded options beyond corporate/compliance learning that focuses on professional and personal development goals.
  2. Features that appeal to learners’ need for social interaction and collaboration, such as discussions, ratings, comments and reviews.
  3. Ability to serve up content from a myriad of vendors and sources – even allowing employees themselves to create content and experiential learning.
  4. Highly personalized and holistic recommendations based on the learners’ goals, habits and preferences.

Why Invest in LXP?

Post-pandemic, we are facing an unprecedented talent shortage.  An extensive new Korn Ferry report finds that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to take them.  How can you combat the workforce crunch?

  • Many of today’s skills have a shorter shelf-life, and an LXP can help keep skills sharp. Shift focus and investment on upskilling and reskilling the employees you have now. 
  • Happy employees are more productive and stay longer.  So keep employees engaged through empowerment.  
  • Attract and retain top talent by becoming an Employer of Choice – a company known for investing in employee development.
  • Use actionable data to drive business decisions.  The enhanced data analytics in LXP can provide organizations with data to help evaluate performance and focus learning investment, upskilling, and reskilling where it’s needed most.

The Korn Ferry report goes on to say:

The savviest organizations are taking on the onus of training talent themselves… These firms are also trying to instill a culture of continuous learning and training. “Constant learning—driven by both workers and organizations—will be central to the future of work, extending far beyond the traditional definition of learning and development,” he says.

Are You Ready for an LXP?

Yes. Yes, you are. 

Give your employees what they want and need most – control over their learning destiny.  And give your organization what it needs most – skilled, engaged, and empowered employees.  From the LMS administration and management to the LXP employee-driven experience, the Rockstar Learning Platform has the features and functionality that your business can’t afford to live without.  Try it out and then reach out.  We can’t wait to connect with you!