Webinar: What It Takes to Create Award-Winning Training

What It Takes to Create Award-Winning Training

eLearning Brothers and our clients recently earned 3 awards at the LearnX Live Awards in Australia. In this webinar, we had the opportunity to bring together some of the experts who were involved in these award-winning projects to share what made each course so special and worthy of an award.

The courses featured in this webinar are:

Client: Columbia University RFMH

Project: Destigmatizing Mental Illness

  • Placed Platinum for Best Shift-it-Online eLearning Design

Client: Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

Project: Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training Built in CenarioVR

  • Placed Platinum for Best (VR) Hard Skills Training Project

Client: AMN Healthcare

Project: Gamified Workplace Safety & Emergency Training for Onboarding

  • Placed Gold for Best Health & Safety Training Project

The first two that we shared in the webinar were created by our custom course development team.

Here are some of the highlights:


Gamified Workplace Safety & Emergency Training for Onboarding

(eLearning Brothers for AMN Healthcare)

This project was built in Storyline and featured a custom-built, interactive gameboard.

We were able to make the moves truly random using object-oriented programming and a JSON script. This way, no matter how many times a learner goes through the course, they experience different questions and challenges at different times throughout the gameplay. They have to accomplish all 5 main topics, but the experience and way they achieve it is different every time.

Learners are able to choose their game piece, enter their name, and roll the dice to move forward. We also built a leaderboard for the client, so their employees could compete against each other.

This project featured a lot of custom graphic design from our team, as well as a specific focus on diversity and representing the client’s learner demographic through the characters that appear in different challenge scenarios.

See more about this course here.


Destigmatizing Mental Illness

(eLearning Brothers for Columbia University RFMH for ThriveNYC)

This project is a completely responsive online solution built from scratch in HTML5. The client really wanted it to match their existing website. Building it in HTML5 allowed us to create the interactivity we wanted while incorporating accessibility and Section 508 requirements and provide a seamless experience without the visitor feeling like they were being sent off the client website to a new location.

This project used HTML5, Bootstrap, and jQuery javascript library.


We also shared a project that one of our fabulous clients built using one of our tools, CenarioVR.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training Built In CenarioVR

(Created by Vanderbilt University School of Nursing using CenarioVR)

Thanks to growing enrollment, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (VUSN) needed an affordable way to offer point of care ultrasound training to more students, without buying more equipment or hiring more instructors.

Using CenarioVR, a virtual reality course authoring application, VUSN was able to replicate the clinical setting in virtual reality (VR) and create a truly realistic, immersive, and effective online learning option.

To capture the experience of operating ultrasound equipment, three different media components were combined to simulate the clinical environment:

  • 360-degree video of the clinician and patient interactions shown from two distinct camera angles
  • a top-down view with graphic anatomical overlays
  • streaming video of the ultrasound output timed to coincide with exactly how the instructor is interacting with the patient

Questions, annotations, buttons, and hotspots were included to enforce key concepts and quiz the students on probe placement.

With this VR solution, the need for face-to-face instruction and time spent physically touching the equipment was substantially reduced. This allows more people to be trained while reducing the hands-on time required with the device. An unforeseen benefit is the ability to still provide training to students during the COVID-19 pandemic!

See more about this project here.


Watch the webinar recording to see some of these projects in action:

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