Webinar: Save Time and Money With Speedy eLearning Game Development


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Discover the simple step-by-step process of building your very own Training Arcade game!

Meet Jeff Sproge, eLearning Brothers Account Executive. Jeff is good at many things, like growing an awesome beard, but he is not a professional developer. However, with his secret weapon, The Training Arcade, Jeff can make awesome eLearning Games and he doesn't even need to be a developer!

Just like Jeff, you can use The Training Arcade to quickly create games with your own training content, saving you time and money. In the recording below, Jeff walks attendees through how easy it is to create a customized game in The Training Arcade. You'll see a real-time example of how quickly you can build game questions and customize styles of the mobile-ready games in The Training Arcade.

Currently, we have 8 games available in The Training Arcade library:

  • Jump
  • Match
  • Scramble
  • Sort-It
  • Recall
  • Trivia
  • Scenarios
  • Jeopardy!®

Features that Jeff highlighted in this webinar include:

  • Game Settings
  • Game Customization
  • Leaderboard
  • Learner Data/Analytics
  • Question-level Data

Watch the recording now to see how quickly someone without any development experience can create a game in The Training Arcade:

Visit our webpage to learn more about The Training Arcade or contact us at 801-796-BROS to learn more.

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