Webinar: Introducing Arcades™, a Highly Customizable Gamified Destination for Learners

Introducing Arcades™, a Highly Customizable Gamified Destination for Learners

We recently introduced a new gamified destination for learners: Arcades™. This webinar recording will introduce you to this new learning destination and how you can use gamification to increase engagement and improve performance.

In this webinar, Stephen Baer, Managing Partner of The Game Agency, started off by showing inspiring examples of ways big brands have incorporated gamification to increase engagement and interest from consumers and employees.

Then he demonstrated how you can use Arcades to create a motivating and fun gamified training destination that your employees will return to again and again.

Arcades is a true community experience, offering a variety of game types:

  • Solor Play
  • Team Play
  • Head-to-Head (Battle mode)

Hot tip: You can use games from The Training Arcade® or import your own SCORM-wrapped games into the Arcades platform.

Fun, engaging, active learning journeys

As you build out your learning paths in Arcades, you can customize the components, including games from The Training Arcade, videos, links, PDFs, and more. Upload your content and arrange the order to fit your training plans.

You can also set incentives using a Spin to Win spinner in Arcades. This is a great way to draw learners back to the platform over and over. Each day they can spin to win extra points or other incentives.

Learners can also build their own customized avatar.


The ability to earn points and badges increases the sense of achievement and recognition that everyone craves. Arcades also includes built-in leaderboards so you can stir up competition and motivation among your organization. You can sort leaderboards by team, by activity, and more.

Arcades has a rewards system built in. You can set what the rewards are (gift cards, days off work, etc), what level of points the reward is associated with, and how many rewards are available.

Through all these features, Arcades delivers learner engagement and stickiness while providing tremendous data about player usage, knowledge improvement, and behavioral traits.


Using the back-end analytics, training managers can determine what games are the most popular, which questions people are getting stuck on, and more.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about Arcades:

Sign up for a free trial of The Training Arcade to see some of the games included in Arcades.