Webinar: How to Help Remote Workers Adapt

How to Help Remote Workers Adapt

Our custom development team's co-founders, Rich Vass and Todd Cummings have decades of experience in supporting workplace learning initiatives for dozens of businesses worldwide. In this webinar, Rich and Todd discussed ways to answer the question: How do we help workers adapt through the training and development opportunities we provide?

Changing Expectations

COVID-19 forced everyone to change their expectations, whether they want to or not. Training as we know it, work as we know it, is changing. It’s up to us to help our workers adapt to the change and adjust expectations.

Give workers the opportunity to talk about how they’re feeling, even in an online/virtual environment. Let your workers know that, of course, training and working from home is going to be different. But it can be different in a positive way. It’s important to know your personal expectations, know your organization’s expectations, and understand the limitations of working from home.

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If you’re new to delivering online training and struggling to find ways to make it more engaging, consider adding in online games. Rich and Todd shared a few different ways to easily create online learning games that will engage your learners more. One easy way to create learning games is to use The Training Arcade®.

One thing that Rich mentioned, which relates to both online games and any other job aids or resources you might be developing for remote workers, is the importance of being self-aware and recognizing your limits. You don’t have to create a game, job aid, or an infographic from scratch if you don’t have the time or the graphic design experience. Use resources like templates and pre-built graphics to help you create something amazing and useful to your learners.

Rich and Todd mentioned a ton of great resources in the webinar, including:

Watch the webinar recording now to get all of Rich and Todd’s tips for helping your remote workers adapt and be successful in these changing times:

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