Watch Us Build A Scramble Training Game

Scramble, part of The Training Arcade®, is a word puzzle game that allows you to scramble up a word or sentence for your learners to decipher.

In each mode, players must complete the word/sentence before the timer runs out and are awarded hints for each correct puzzle solved that can be used to help in future puzzle rounds.

Scramble makes a great post-training knowledge check or way to reinforce important terminology.

Using Games in eLearning

First things first, how do you know you’re using the right game? In The Training Arcade, we have many different game mechanics, so you can ensure you’re incorporating a game that will help you achieve your training goals.

For example, a branching style game tends to help learners with deductive reasoning and allows you to emphasize certain behaviors you want to encourage, by showing negative consequences of the wrong behaviors.

The Scramble game we’re talking about today works well for learning objectives like recall, categorization, and strategic thinking. It can help you improve learner skills in describing, explaining, and identifying. 

What types of training content might you put in a Scramble game? 

  • Terminology
  • Definitions
  • Simple and short training elements

Key Benefit of Game-Based Learning: The Analytics

Every game in The Training Arcade tracks learner activity and delivers a dashboard of stats you can use to gain insights into knowledge retention and skills gaps. 

Get data on:

  • # of users
  • % accuracy
  • Sessions played
  • # of questions answered
  • Session length
  • Player ranks
  • Game scores 
  • Behavior trends

Jump to 6:19 in the recording below to see how to build a Scramble game in The Training Arcade.

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