Watch Us Build a Recall Training Game

We created the Recall game mechanic to help build memory muscle in a fun and contextually relevant way.

Whether helping someone remember the steps in a CPR course or do faster mental math, the game builder for Recall provides a flexible way to creatively educate your workers. 

In a Recall game, learners watch a video, see an image, or listen to audio. Then they’re asked questions about the content. Points are awarded for speed, and points are deducted for “peeking.

In this webinar, Richard Lowenthal, Chief Operating Officer at The Game Agency, shows you how to build a Recall training game in real time.


Game Analytics

Every game in The Training Arcade® provides a wealth of learner activity data and question analytics to help you understand your learners’ strengths and weaknesses. 

For example, you can see which questions the majority of learners struggled with, telling you where you may need to offer additional training or consider whether the question was poorly worded in the game. You can also see if knowledge improved after additional game plays.

Building a Recall Game

Recall is all about visual learning and memorization. The game tests a learner’s ability to retain specific details without the benefit of knowing what to pay attention to beforehand. Learners view an image or video and are then asked one or more questions that relate to what they just saw. All pictures, videos, and questions are customizable.

There are 4 main sections to complete when building any game in The Training Arcade:

  1. Game Info
  2. Questions
  3. Translations
  4. Publish 

Game Info

Select your game type. The Training Arcade has ten different game types. In this webinar, we’re building a Recall game.

Name your game. A URL will automatically be generated.

Pick your default language for the game instructions and buttons. We support up to 20 different languages. 

Optionally, you can add tags, which are useful for searching through your entire library of games later.

Next choose your game settings, such as what percent of questions need to be answered correctly to pass. This info can be sent via SCORM to your LMS.

You can limit the number of times a learner can take a game, or set a start and end date to run your game in conjunction with other programs or initiatives.

Watch the webinar recording below to see all the different customizable game settings.


You can add a video, audio, or an image for each question. Then add a question about the image or video. Answer options can be multiple choice, multi-select, text input, or a poll.

We often recommend writing all your question prompts and answer feedback in a separate document and then copying and pasting your content into the appropriate spots.


To translate your game content, you can do it question by question in the game dashboard or upload a translated file. (It is up to you to translate your content into your desired language.) 


We offer several ways to publish your game depending on your learning tech stack and your needs. Publish to the web, insert into any eLearning authoring tool course as a web object, or any LMS, including Arcades™.


Watch how to build a Recall game here:


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