Transforming Your Business into an Augmented Enterprise Leveraging AI and Immersive Technologies

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and immersive technologies are no longer just buzzwords—they're essential tools for staying competitive and driving innovation. Is your organization prepared to harness the power of these advanced technologies?

We recently hosted Mike Hruska, Founder and CEO of Problem Solutions, for a webinar where he shared valuable insights on how to transform your business into an Augmented Enterprise.

He covered:

  • The fundamentals of the Augmented Enterprise and its benefits
  • How to leverage AI and immersive technologies to augment human capabilities
  • AI change-readiness factors
  • Technology considerations

“Our chief scientist spent a few months arguing with me that there's no such thing as AI, it's just really good software,” said Mike Hruska in the beginning of this webinar. “And while I do agree, there IS such thing as AI, because that's the design tenant for the technology that we're making. However, if we think about it as just really good software, it gives us the ability to push away the complexity and the fear of it, and say, ‘All right, it's good software. How do we pair it up with people? And how do we make that functional?’”

The idea of an augmented enterprise is an organization that leverages artificial intelligence to empower individuals and teams. 

“Essentially, we're augmenting the intelligence of the organizations. Imagine if people could do their work more creatively, with less time—whether that's designing a learning experience or designing curriculum, or helping the business even learn faster because you have a range of different agents that help the business think.” 

The Augmented Enterprise amplifies human capabilities using cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies not only streamline and automate routine tasks but also provide deep, actionable insights through data analysis. By augmenting human abilities with technology, businesses can significantly enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy, leading to improved outcomes and growth.

Why Implement AI?

There are many benefits:

  • Revolutionizing Learning Experiences
  • Elevating Customer Experiences
  • Boosting Engagement & Productivity
  • Democratizing  Knowledge & Expertise
  • Driving Business Growth & Innovation
  • Staying Competitive

An augmented enterprise is built around four functional areas: learning ecosystems (jump to 9:38 in the recording to learn more), becoming an adaptive learning organization (jump to 10:18 in the recording to learn more), augmented intelligence teams, and collective intelligence (jump to 11:19 in the recording to learn more). The idea is to add computers to the group to augment existing human abilities. 

5 Key Steps to Follow to Become an Augmented Enterprise

  1. Increase technology understanding
  2. Align learning strategy with business strategy
  3. Motivate and shift mindsets
  4. Pilot and grow
  5. Scale and sustain

Starting around 26:10 in the recording below, Mike begins to show examples of intelligent agents that Problem Solutions uses in their day-to-day workflows, including an LXD agent and a sales practice agent.

If you’re interested in developing similar agents for your organization, contact ELB Learning to discover our new AI services.