Stay Cyber Safe: Device Protection Courses

Most companies were not planning to have all their employees suddenly working from home. In many cases, employees may not have had a chance to bring all their equipment from the office. As a result, company information is being accessed on unsecured personal devices and maybe also transferred over unsecured networks.

In addition, more work calls are being done on personal mobile phones instead of our office lines. Did you know that smartphones are one of the fastest-growing attack targets for cybercriminals?

A key component for keeping information secure within an organization is physical device security. The first step? Making your workers aware of security risks and educating them on your security protocols and how to protect their devices.

What is device protection?

Device protection means that all of your internet-connected devices contain software that monitors, manages, and protects them from malicious activity, automatically, preemptively, and in real-time.

In addition, you and your workers should keep software on devices up-to-date to take advantage of the latest security features. (Admit it, how often have you clicked "update later" when that window pops up?)

These steps will benefit both your organization and your employees. No one wants their personal data stolen any more than they want to expose their company’s data and risk expensive data breaches.

Today more than ever, everyone in your organization must work together and be on the same page. With employees working from home on different devices, make sure to regularly communicate IT policies and recommendations so that everyone is up to date.

Online training is an easy way to bring everyone up to speed quickly.

eLearning Brothers Off-The-Shelf Courseware includes a library of Cybersecurity Awareness training courses.

This library includes a Device Protection bundle covering these topics:

  • Software Updates
  • Device Configuration

Our off-the-shelf courses are mobile-friendly and built in a microlearning format. Interactive, bite-sized courses are engaging and easy for learners to tackle in short bursts.

Check out our course library and download the full catalog of off-the-shelf courses today.

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