Our Tournament Champions Battle It Out for Rockstar Prizes!

The Learning & Development Game Tournament qualifying weeks recently wrapped up, and 11 champions were ready to battle it out for the grand prize—one of 3 authentic autographed guitars. 

In this webinar, they participated in a live, virtual instructor-led Jeopardy!® game covering all the eLearning topics from the past 4 weeks.

The final 11 competitors were:

Chris Mascio

Maki Wiering

Heidi deCastro

Samantha Riggas

Lori Rapp

Mike Wilday

Wes Escalante

Caleb Feuling

Mary Anderson

Allison Perez

Savita Patram

The Jeopardy! game they played in this webinar is just one of the easily customizable learning games available in The Training Arcade®.

It was so easy to build! We used questions from each of the tournament qualifying games and added in stock images from the eLearning Brothers Asset Library to visually reinforce the content.

Our entire Learning & Development Game Tournament was hosted in the Arcades™ platform. 

With Arcades, learners can participate in:

  • Player-to-Player Challenges
  • Team Tournaments
  • Daily Mini-Games
  • Level-Up and Achievements Systems
  • Point tracking via individual game leaderboards
  • Global Leaderboard powered by Experience Points earned along the way

(Not all features were used for the Learning & Development game tournament. Learn more about Arcades or schedule a demo here.)

So who won the final, live Jeopardy! Game? 

Our top 3 players were…

Chris Mascio

Heidi deCastro

Savita Patram

Congratulations to our lucky grand prize winners! Your guitars are on their way to you.

And because we love all our champions, everyone received an authentic, autographed album from one of rock music’s biggest stars!

If you missed the tournament, but want to try your hand in a live Jeopardy! game, check out this week’s JEOPARDY!® Learning & Development Professional Meet Up Series. Hosted by The Game Agency, every Friday at 1pm ET there will be a weekly virtual multiplayer JEOPARDY! game with clues that previously aired on TV. Register here.

Watch the championship game recording now.

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