Let's Get Gamification Right! Here's How.

Why are you not getting results from your gamification? Is there something wrong?

The ebook “10 Ways You’re Getting Gamification Wrong, How to Make it Right and Get Results” by The Game Agency gives insight into what you might need to fix. 

Gamification is a powerful tool. If we use it right, it can make learning powerful too.

The 10 common mistakes given in the ebook are:

  1. You’re only focused on fun
  2. You don’t understand how games and gamification differ
  3. You aren’t adding feedback
  4. Your game structure is flawed
  5. Your rewards or prizes are not motivating enough 
  6. You have too much text
  7. You don’t know your audience
  8. You’re not making it social 
  9. You’re not using blended learning 
  10. You are not analyzing results

Let’s take a deeper look at reasons 3, 5, and 8.

You aren’t adding feedback

People pay attention to the mistakes they make. Feedback allows you to utilize this to make your learning more effective. Feedback can be a reaction, link, or pop-up explanation. It’s a simple invitation to correct what the learner didn’t understand.

Your rewards or prizes are not motivating enough

Get to know your audience. What motivates them? What do they find interesting and exciting? Not everyone is motivated by competition and grand prizes. Competition can work really well, but don’t emphasize it too much. Make sure everyone gets rewards. And make sure you are rewarding actual learning and not just moving through the curriculum.

You’re not making it social

Games are effective when they are engaging, and learning is engaging when learners can collaborate. Collaboration allows learners to compete, grow together, and learn from each other. It fosters a community to share learning.

Fix your mistakes and reach your gamification potential! Read the Ebook to learn what other common mistakes you may be making.