It's All Fun and (Learning) Games in These Case Studies

Have you heard the expression “It’s all fun and games until someone wastes a bunch of money on boring training and nobody learns anything” before?

No? What about “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” Oh, you’ve heard that one? Well, they’re basically the same thing. After all, in some industries, someone could lose an eye if they’re not properly trained!

But did you know that games can actually deliver impactful, informative, and interesting training?

ELB Learning knows all about creating games that engage and drive behavior change. These case studies prove it. 


Gamified Build Up For New Product Launch

We worked with Wendy’s to deploy custom games announcing the launch of a new product, the Wendy’s Oreo Frosty Parfait. These games were designed to build buzz on social media—and buzz it did! 

The game was specifically designed to be competitive and encourage participation from the key demographic. Gaming features like rewards points, leaderboards, and the ability to share on social media made it a hugely enjoyable experience. 

Check out a demo of the game now:

Read the entire case study here.


Gamified Workplace Safety & Emergency Training

This healthcare client needed a unique solution to kick their workplace safety training into high gear for their corporate team members.

ELB Learning crafted a decision-making, scenario-based training with board game elements such as dice, game tokens, and victory points. The learner is immersed in situations and asked to assist the Emergency Response Team in making “real-time” decisions to help their team members. 

This gamified course is a DemoFest award winner! See screenshots and read the entire case study here.


Immersive Compliance Training

Red Flag, a multi-award-winning strategic communications agency, partnered up with ELB Learning to meld immersive learning into their company’s Compliance Training, specifically regarding Anti-Trust and Fair Competition practices.

Anti-trust may not sound exciting, but with the right learning mechanics, you can make anything engaging! For this particular project, we leaned very heavily on storytelling elements and non-linear learning. The learner chooses what they want to engage in. 


Read the entire case study here.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for Primary Education

This eLearning program provides teachers with the tools they need to teach and reinforce Social Emotional Learning (SEL) concepts—compassion, empathy, and mindfulness—to second and third-grade students. 

Learners take on the role of a student whose goal is to bring emotional awareness to a group of characters. Each of the 3 modules focuses on one emotional skill: compassion, empathy, or mindfulness and each follows a similar flow:

  • Introduction to the concept
  • A main activity
  • A final mini activity
  • Conclusion slides to lock in the concept

This gamified approach lets educators teach concepts such as empathy, emotional awareness, and mindfulness in a fun and engaging way.

Read the entire case study here.


Changing Pharma Stigmas—One Game at a Time

Dr. Neb is a story-driven simulation game created for CHEST, the American College for Chest Physicians, to help clinicians who treat patients with uncontrolled COPD. A main goal for this game was to change the stigma of the drug, Nebulized LAMA, so that Pulmonologists understand it’s a good solution to prescribe for many patients, not just ones at high risk. 

Christina Lorenzo, Senior Instructional Designer at CHEST, says games work well for her community. “CHEST learners have complex patients with lots of electronic charts to study and they often work long hours and are frequently on call. They are high performers but have a short attention span and not much time for learning.” Games can be deployed on mobile or tablets so that these busy doctors can learn on the go. 

Read the entire case study here.


These examples make it clear that gamification can be an effective training tool in many industries. Contact ELB Learning today to learn how we can help you create games tailored to your training goals.

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