How to Build a Random Spinner in Storyline

A few days ago I noticed a discussion in the Articulate Storyline forum about creating a random spinner for a game. I took up the challenge and created a solution that combines Storyline states, variables, and triggers. Of course there is some JavaScript sprinkled in there as well :-)

How to Build a Random Spinner in Storyline

Check out the demo here before reading on so you can see what the end result was.

View Demo

The goal was to:

  • Create a spinner that the learner can trigger.
  • It will land on a random number.
  • It will not land on the same number twice.

My solution was to use:

  • Pie segments.
    • States for normal, active, and disabled.
  • A Storyline knob.
  • Storyline variables for each segment.
  • Triggers to change the segment's state when the variable changes.
  • JavaScript that:
    • Selects a random number.
    • Removes that number from future spins.
    • Spins the knob.
    • Lands on the segment.
    • Changes the corresponding variable for that segment.

Check out the video below to see how it all works together.


var currentSlice = 0;

var spinLimit = 5;

var spinCount = 0;

var slices = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];

var targetSlice = 0;

var spinning;


function getNextSlice() {

return slices.splice(Math.floor(Math.random() * slices.length), 1)[0];



function spinWheel() {

  var p = GetPlayer();

  p.SetVar("pieVisited_" + targetSlice, true);

  targetSlice = getNextSlice();

  if (!targetSlice) return;

  spinning = setInterval(function() {



    p.SetVar("Dial1", currentSlice);

    if (currentSlice > 5) currentSlice = 0;

    if (spinCount >= spinLimit && currentSlice === targetSlice) {


      p.SetVar("pieSelected_" + targetSlice, true);

      currentSlice = 0;

      spinCount = 0;


  }, 250);



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