How Boiron, a Global Homeopathic Brand, Leverages Games to Train Healthcare Professionals

In this webinar, Stephen Baer, Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency, interviewed Christophe Merville, Director of Education and Pharmacy Development at Boiron on how he uses game-based training to engage the healthcare community.

Christophe has a background in pharmacy and is the Director of Education & Pharmacy Development for Boiron USA. Boiron was founded in France in 1932, and they manufacture and distribute homeopathic medicines in more than 60 countries, including the United States.

Homeopathic medicine is seeing a revival; there is a lot of interest from pharmacists, physicians, and naturopathic doctors. One of Christophe’s missions is to educate them so they use the medicine safely and with maximum efficiency.

Boiron is currently using Jeopardy!®, Detective, and Recall from The Training Arcade® to deliver engaging training games to associates.

As Stephen notes, when designing games, “it really is the mindset of ‘how do we turn any training experience from a passive to an active one?’ The more active the interaction, the more any learner is going to be invested in the content and the more it’s going to sink in.”

Christophe designs his training games with a succession of questions of increasing complexity—instead of just right or wrong, the answers include the best answer, a less best answer, and allow opportunities to explain why the best answer is the best. 

Using the games from The Training Arcade, Boiron employees can reprocess information they’ve already learned, as well as acquire new knowledge.

For example, Christophe uses Recall, which he really likes because he can introduce stimuli like images or sounds of coughing, for example, to decide what is the best medicine, and so so different senses are stimulated and that's an edge. In this game, learners are reprocessing the knowledge that has been acquired previously from a video, a PDF, or another activity.

To keep learners on their toes, “I always try to introduce something that has not been seen before,” said Christophe. “Students often tell me ‘Oh, you said that, but we never saw it before.’ Yes, but the way I presented it makes it obvious, and now you've learned something else within the game.”

Christophe also uses Detective and plans to start using Scenarios to stimulate decision-making and critical thinking.

Watch the webinar recording now to learn more about how Boiron uses The Training Arcade to train healthcare professionals with games.

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