Gamify Your Sales Meetings to Increase Participation and Engagement

Do you find your sales team lacks enthusiasm and interest in attending your sales meetings? Are you struggling with making meetings fun, especially with global and/or remote teams? How do you ensure your team wants to learn and is retaining important information? 

Games and gamification are the secret ingredients that will make your sales meetings more fun, more engaging and more effective.

And with the right tools, you can add games and increase engagement without a lot of extra time and on budget.

In this webinar, Stephen Baer, Chief Creative Officer at The Game Agency, showed attendees: 

  • Why games are the perfect addition to your next sales event
  • What type of game you should leverage whether your meeting is virtual or live   
  • How to add gamification elements to your meetings to motivate your sales team
  • How to utilize game data and analytics to measure knowledge retention and engagement

Why Games?

Games are a great medium for training because they provide a safe place for learners to try, to fail, and to try again until they succeed.

According to the ESA, 68% of American adults in 2020 play video games. When you know this is a passion point of so many people, why not leverage it in your training?

Games can be beneficial in solo play, head-to-head, and team play. “If you can find a combination of these three, that’s the silver bullet,” says Stephen Baer. 

It’s important to identify the right game mechanic to achieve your goals. In the webinar, Stephen gives several examples of different mechanics, and ways these are used by real-life companies to train employees or customers. 

Using games in your training also provides you with tons of learner data to analyze. You can:

  • Measure knowledge retentions, skills development, and application
  • Track decision processing, individual choices, tendencies, risk tolerance, etc.
  • Track accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency of performance
  • Observe performance (and coach) across multiple modalities

Watch the recording now to learn how to gamify your meetings and training:


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