Free Infographic: 10 eLearning Game Tips for Instructional Designers

From storytelling to easter eggs to boss battles, there are tons of ways game designers keep players hooked, and you could be using those same strategies in your eLearning content. We’ve put together a free infographic with ten gamification strategies you can try in your eLearning development.

What Is Gamification?

Gamification uses elements of game principles and designs in learning and training contexts, promoting situational learning and offering training opportunities that are immersive and interactive. 

Every month from April to August 2021, at least 2.5% of the American workforce quit their jobs. In August alone, more than 4.2 million people handed in their two weeks’ notice, according to federal statistics.

To combat the great resignation, companies are increasingly seeking to find ways to improve employee engagement and happiness at work.

Providing professional development and training that’s fun and engaging is one way to retain employees. 

eLearning Brothers offers a library of easily customizable pre-built games that are amazing for quickly incorporating learning games into your training program. But you can also incorporate tried and true gamification techniques into the training modules you’re building from scratch.

This free infographic helps you do exactly that. We guide you through 10 different gamification strategies you can use, and explain why each one works. 

Whether you want to incorporate storytelling or boss battles into your learning, this infographic will give you great ideas for how to execute gamification in your eLearning.

Here's 1 tip: Create Consequences

Games allow people to level up, get better equipment, more points, and so on as they do things well. Conversely, if a player fails to block a punch, their life force goes down. These immediate rewards and punishments create engagement and investment in the task. You can recreate this feeling in a learning exercise by giving points for what a learner does well, and taking points away for mistakes. Learners pay more attention when they know that they have to earn that point back to reach the 10 points they need to move on.

Your boss will be so impressed when higher retention scores and positive feedback from learners start rolling in!

Download 10 eLearning Games Tips for Instructional Designers now.