Free Download: Digital Training Creation Checklist

Digital Training Creation Checklist

Have you ever yearned to have an L&D department big enough to require a dedicated QA specialist?

I have found that after days of working on a big project, the last thing I want to do at the very end is to go over the entire thing again looking for errors and ensuring I hit all the objectives. When I’m that familiar with the content and I know what it’s supposed to say, it’s easy to just do a quick skim and miss errors.

But you can’t deliver a project with errors or missing content.

I had a copywriting professor in college who would automatically give you an “F” on an assignment if she found a typo. No matter how good the rest of the work was! (You did get one chance to fix it and turn it back in to be re-graded because college is nicer than the real world, where your client might fire you or make your agency pay to reproduce an ad with an error.)

A fresh set of eyes proves invaluable when it comes to quality assurance and making sure your learning project delivers error-free content that ticks all the boxes.

And if you don’t have a fresh set of eyes, you can utilize the next best thing—a checklist.

A good checklist keeps you on task, reminds you what you need to include, and is there for you at the end of a project to double-check everything. It’s basically an adult security blanket.

And guess what? We made you a free Digital Training Creation Checklist!

This checklist breaks down the elements of digital training creation into 7 categories and outlines all the details you’ll want to plan for, and then double-check at the end of an eLearning project.

Follow this checklist to ensure you’ve thought through functionality, visual design, audio elements, navigation design, knowledge assessment, project-specific requirements, and finishing touches for overall completion. It’s your own personal QA specialist.

Download your free Digital Training Creation Checklist now!

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