Creating Transformative Learning Experiences: An Intuit Success Story

Have you ever felt like your company’s training could be so much better, if only you had more resources? Like partners who understand your vision and can keep up with your timelines?

“From an internal team perspective, we really struggled to find development partners and LMS partners that can keep up with our size and pace. We have hundreds of learning programs and thousands of modules,” said Vanessa Valenzuela, Group Manager of Learning and Development at Intuit. “For our learners, the end-to-end experience was a bit off. Experts didn’t know what order to take training in. Once in their training, it was bland content, very process focused, not skill-based, not engaging, and so on.”

That all changed when Intuit began working with Docebo and ELB Learning to customize and personalize the learning experiences they were delivering, as well as adding gamification to better engage their learners.

In this webinar, Andrew Scivally, Co-founder and CEO, ELB Learning and Alessio Artuffo, COO & President, Docebo, touched on 3 major learning trends: personalization, gamification, and certifications. 

The Intuit team—Vanessa Valenzuela, Group Manager of Learning and Development, Angie Kleinsorge, Manager, Learning and Development, and Emily Hopkins, Manager, Learning Technology—shared how their departments are incorporating each trend and how their learners are benefiting. 


Companies that have highly adaptive learning organizations are 53% more likely to have experienced growth during the last year.

Intuit is taking a skills-based approach to training.

“Based on the role you are hired for, we assign a Learning Path via an outside rules engine.  That learning path is tied to the skills needed to do the role. Upon completion of those skills, it writes to the Experts Profile, and the gate to talk to customers will be opened,” said Vanessa.

The plan is to have those skills tied to learning paths within Docebo, and a pre-assessment strategy will allow learners to “test out” of courses, creating a customized learning path. 

Intuit has also created several customized landing pages for different self-led training experiences.

“Overall, learners have found the revamped experience to be easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and visually appealing, with a cleaner look and feel that makes it easier to find what they need,” said Angie. “They appreciate the ability to search for content by customer segment, craft skill, ILTs, or by geo, and find their content quickly.” 


When gamified elements are added to training, motivation climbs up to 83%, and boredom drops to just 10%.

“Our previous gamification initiatives were highly customized, but complex to manage,” said Angie. 

Working with ELB Learning presented an opportunity for Intuit to seamlessly integrate content and engagement into Docebo’s platform which they were already using.

Intuit added The Training Arcade® to their onboarding to offer role-specific experiences with the intention of engaging learners throughout the first 90 days and ultimately impacting their speed to ramp and performance on the job.

So far, Intuit is seeing great data on the impact of gamification on performance for their learners.

“Our primary finding is that learners who were consistently engaged in gamification were more likely to be in the top performance quartile and less likely to be in the bottom performance quartile,” said Angie. “We also saw that those engaged in gamification saw a 3% lift in business acumen, 14% lift in sales acumen, and 4% in technical acumen.”


A Person VUE report found that when employees attained new IT certifications, they experience a 72% increase in efficiency.

Intuit believes their certification offers a big value to their audience, providing credibility and recognition, professional development, and career opportunities. 

“Being certified demonstrates the seller has a solid understanding of our customer’s and Intuit’s products, which in turn translates to expertise for our customers,” said Angie. The badges can be displayed on social media, demonstrating a commitment to personal development and expertise, which can gain the seller more customers.

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