Freebie Friday: Storyboard Template


When was the last time you made a storyboard? I love making storyboards because they align perfectly with my level of drawing skills—arrows and stick figures!

Our Community Manager and resident instructional design guru, Jennifer Valley, says, “I try to storyboard everything I do.  Sometimes it’s formal (in PowerPoint, scribbled on a piece of paper, mapped out in Word) and other times it’s at least planned out in my head… I find it gives me better focus when I’m creating because I’m not making huge decisions while I work like where I should branch off or if I should include a character on every page.”

You can storyboard in a lot of different programs—from Microsoft PowerPoint to and more. I actually start with pen and paper to create very simplistic storyboards.

We created a free storyboard template that you can use in PowerPoint—or import into Lectora® if that’s how you roll.

Download Template

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