Camtasia Templates in Action

Camtasia Templates in Action

Have you noticed that eLearning course creators are amazing? How many eLearning courses have you seen that are not only educational, but amazingly eye pleasing and enjoyable? Here at eLearning Brothers we love how creative people are, and that is why we make our templates fully editable!

Thinking of how to use a Camtasia template with your project may take some time. Not all templates will fit your exact need the way they are, and you may need to make some adjustments. When you first download a template and place it on your timeline, it looks something like this:

This is a layout from the Pulse theme. In some cases, this might work for your needs. You’ll notice there’s black space in the background in the circles. These are transparent and ready for you to put your own content behind it. This is even more obvious on this lower thirds graphic:

The missing element is an eLearning creator’s content! Our templates are stunning and exciting, but they are nothing without great eLearning course content! This makes it extremely exciting when we get to see our templates on top of some great content.

Recently we’ve spotted our templates being used in courses out in the wild! Today we’re featuring one such course by Andrea Samadi.

With a little bit of editing, Andrea was able to turn one of the Pulse layouts into a half overlay that fit her project.

When using this template, no changes needed to be made other than to adjust the speed of the behaviors.

This image shows a lower thirds graphic from the Jelly theme template. This is a great example of mixing and matching to get the look and feel you want with your video.

You can view Andrea’s full video here.  Also, feel free to check out her website here.

With a little bit of creativity, eLearning Brothers templates can be a valuable tool to spice up your production, and to help turn you into an eLearning Rockstar!

We would love to see what you are doing with your Camtasia templates! Contact us at and we may showcase your project!