Announcing: The World’s Most Awesome eLearning Game Tournament

We opened the world’s most awesome eLearning game tournament during yesterday’s webinar! eLearning professionals are already in the arcade learning, playing, and climbing the leaderboards.

The Learning & Development Game Tournament lasts 4 weeks, culminating in a live virtual championship game with some BIG prizes. 

Each week we’re releasing new learning content and qualifying games based on that learning content. The content covers accessibility, storytelling, virtual reality, and more. 

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At the very end of the tournament, the #1 ranked player from each qualifying game will be invited to the live virtual championship game, where they’ll compete for glory and rockstar prizes!

Prizes for the 11 Players Who Participate in the Championship Game

  1. Van Halen Band Signed Hurricane Album
  2. The Eagles Band Signed Hotel California Album 
  3. AC/DC Band Signed Black Ice Album 
  4. Bon Jovi Band Signed Lost Highway Album 
  5. U2 Band Signed How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Album
  6. Guns N Roses Band Signed Appetite For Destruction Best Of Kiss Album
  7. Tina Turner Signed Private Dancer 30th Anniversary Album
  8. Whitesnake Band Signed Trouble Album
  9. Survivor Band Signed Eye Of The Album
  10. Kiss Band Signed The Tiger Album
  11. Bob Dylan Signed Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Album

Prizes for the top 3 Winners of the Championship Game

  1. AC/DC Band Signed Yamaha Pacifica Blackened Jaguar Styled Electric Guitar
  2. Guns N Roses Band Signed Fender Gold Tipped Custom Classic Styled Electric Guitar
  3. Aerosmith Band Signed Charvel Silver Metallic Stratocaster Styled Electric Guitar  

There are also weekly t-shirt prizes for those players who are at the top of the leaderboard each week.

In the webinar, Stephen Baer walked attendees through the tournament rules and also showed off the Arcades platform we’re using for the tournament. 

Arcades™ is an add-on to The Training Arcade® and a great way to drive learner engagement and friendly competition using the Training Arcade games you already know and love.

You can set up Missions, Journeys, and standalone games inside the Arcades platform. Missions can include learning PDFs, videos, links to other resources, and games. A Journey can be a combination of multiple Missions and games. In our tournament, you’ll experience several Missions, a Journey, and some fun non-qualifying standalone games.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about the tournament and see a demo of the Arcades platform. 

Register for the tournament and start playing now!