Revamp Your Training With The Strategic Learning Blueprint

In today’s economy, your business can’t afford to provide training that doesn't work. You need effective learning solutions and technologies that change behaviors, reduce costs, and deliver results.

We can help you deliver effective learning strategies and solutions for the modern learner. Using our 3-step Strategic Learning Blueprint we’ll assess your existing training, architect a custom plan, and activate a modern learning strategy.

In this webinar, we introduced our new Chief Solutions Architect Treion Muller, and shared more about the Strategic Learning Blueprint. 

Watch the recording below to learn how implementing the Strategic Learning Blueprint can help your organization change behaviors, reduce training costs, and achieve a measurable ROI.

Here are a few highlights from the webinar:

What does being a Chief Solutions Architect mean?

I’m not here to be a salesperson. My role is to help the eLearning Brothers customers and find ways to update, upgrade your learning programs for your specific learners. I’m here to help you architect a custom solution for your specific needs.

There has been a lot of change in the L&D space over the past 5-10 years. What are some of the major game changers and where do you recommend organizations start or move to next?

There are so many new ways to access, consume, and apply learning—thanks to the innovations around technology. The key for organizations is to first understand what their ultimate goal is with training. That will inform the decision of what learning method or Learning Management tool to implement.

What do you predict will happen in the next 3-5 years?

I’m a huge believer in looking outside the L&D industry for innovation. Right now at eLearning Brothers, we are leading in things like gamification and virtual reality in ways that no one else is doing it. I like to look at consumer behavior. Look at how consumers seek information and utilize apps and other electronic tools to make their lives easier. If you look at the history of eLearning, it’s been a clanky machine, in the past it was a boring PowerPoint...that’s changed and evolved over time. That’s going to continue to happen. I think we’re moving more toward a Google mindset—I want just in time answers to my questions. We need to facilitate more just-in-time learning for our workers.

Watch the entire interview in the recording below.

We also introduced the Strategic Learning Blueprint, a new consulting service eLearning Brothers offers.

This 3-phase program will assess your existing training, architect a custom plan, and activate a modern learning strategy. The best part is the assessment is FREE.

How the Strategic Learning Blueprint Works


We start with a FREE assessment of your existing training plan, offerings, and technologies and identify training needs, objectives, and behavioral change gaps.


We design a custom learning plan for your specific training needs and objectives based on what is discovered. This includes selecting the right solutions, technologies, partnerships, and modern learning approach.


We launch your modern learning training solutions, accountability processes, and success tracking system to assure your goals are achieved.

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